It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So the shops have been chock-full of Christmas decorations and sweets since September, the town centres decked out in lights since early November, and the Christmas tunes have been on repeat in the shops for what feels like forever – there is now no escaping the fact that Christmas is almost here!

For some people that means planning everything with military precision; the tree is up on December the 1st with the presents all neatly stacked underneath and the Christmas shopping list all ready to go. Don’t worry though; even if you’re not a naturally super organised kind of person, you don’t have to let Christmas overwhelm you. Half the fun seems to be running around rushing to get things done along with everybody else.  If you’re starting to wonder where all the time has gone (less than 2 weeks until the big day!) then you are simply going to have to start making those lists and getting things done and you’ll soon make progress.

Gifts are one of the biggest things that people stress about and especially if you’ve got some particularly picky people to buy for, it can quickly become a nightmare. Save yourself some stress here by shopping online. The last order dates for guaranteed delivery before Christmas are still over a week away so you’ve got plenty of time to get those gifts ordered and you’ll even have at least a day or two to get them wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. Just remember to buy the sticky tape and wrapping paper – if you’ve none then use some foil instead for ease.

Speaking of which, now is a great time to also get your Christmas tree put up. Whether you’ve got a fake one or need to pop out to buy a real one, by putting it up now, not only will a real one last until New Year, but you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it and to impress visitors. Tracking down those Christmas decorations can be the trickiest part of this; for future reference, always label those decorations and put away those lights neatly. Test your string lights, get them on the tree and add your other decorative bits and pieces. Once the tree and lights are done, this can be a great time to delegate the decorating task to willing younger volunteers!

Food is one of the most important things about Christmas so it is always going to be a good idea to pre-prepare what you can. And especially if your freezer is on the larger size, then you’re in luck since you can easily get most things prepped now. Roast potatoes, root veg, stuffing, pigs in blankets, even the gravy can all be chopped up now, bagged, labelled and put in the freezer.

If you’re a bit of a baker, then create your pastries, biscuit mixes and even bake your cakes now since they will also survive a short spell in the freezer. Just remember to leave the decorating until after they’re defrosted! By doing all of these kinds of culinary things in advance, you’re going to have a much less exhausting time of it on Christmas Day and can focus on that beast of a turkey!

Last one that you may be panicking about a bit is the dreaded writing of the Christmas cards. To make things easier, Try and do 15 each night – you’ll be surprised at how many you can get done before the last posting date! Just remember to write those going abroad first to make sure they get there in time.

Getting organised  for Christmas doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. By dedicating a few hours every evening for the next week or so, you’ll find that you’ll achieve a lot meaning that you can enjoy the day like everybody else!

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