Cutting corners this Christmas

Cutting corners this Christmas

We are undoubtedly fans of the simple life, and anything that can make things that little bit easier for us, we’re going to be fans of. A lot of us can have a tendency to put undue pressure on ourselves to make sure that everything is perfect on Christmas Day, but stop focusing on the small things and instead focus on enjoying yourself this festive season!

For most us, Christmas Day should mean a day off and even if you’re cooking for what seems like an army, things actually shouldn’t be too stressful. Especially if you decide to be a smart cookie and cut corners with wild abandon! We are not going to be bashful in encouraging this since it means you have more time with your family relaxing. Here are some of our easy to follow corner cutting tips.

Buy prepared food

Sure it might cost just a little more than doing it yourself, but can really say you wouldn’t love to have your roast potatoes all done and ready to put in the oven? Supermarkets know that we love ease so from frozen potatoes, to pre-chopped onions and carrots, gravy that just needs heated up, bread sauce, pigs already in their blankets and more, you can really save a whole heap of time and hassle for yourself! It’s going to taste just as good and unless you tell them nobody else is going to know or in fact care!

The same goes for all of your sweet treats too. The shops make such good versions these days that unless you absolutely adore baking, then choose them instead. Mince pies, biscuits, fruit cakes, nibbles – they’re all going to be delicious and by the time you factor in time and all the different ingredients you’d have to buy, they can work out cheaper too.

Fake it

Are you sick of having to wait until the week before Christmas to put up your tree and then the endless sweeping up and hoovering of pine needles ever after? Then it could be time to get yourself a fake one. They are really very good these days, come in a whole variety of shapes and sizes, and there are versions to suit any budget. And whether you want an ostentatiously fake one like in a bright glittery white, or something a bit more subtle, you’re going to love how easy they are to put up and take down.

All wrapped up

Wrapping can be one of those jobs that just somehow seems to take hours only for you to realise that you’ve forgotten to label them all – the horror! If you need to wrap and in a hurry, then our top recommendation is to use foil; it might sound a bit bonkers but it really works! No need for tape and scissors, often cheaper than wrapping paper yet still recyclable, it will also easily fit those more difficult to wrap shapes and with its silver reflectiveness it is actually pretty festive. Stick a bow on top for rapid festive wrapping!

So take the time to enjoy Christmas this year and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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