Crafty Gifts Made With Love

Crafty Gifts Made With Love

Once we get to a certain age, we can usually buy those bits and pieces that we want whether it’s jewellery or the latest gadget, for ourselves meaning that amongst friends it can be difficult to buy something that they don’t already have. With Christmas fast approaching, it could be time to spend a few hours making something that they’re going to treasure forever.

And thanks to the massive amount of information you can find on the internet, you don’t even need a special talent or skill to make something lovely and fantastic that’s still going to seriously wow them. Here are some of our top suggestions for crafty gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

Crocheted pot holders

Chances are that you vaguely remember being shown how to crochet way back in the day at school, and thanks to YouTube tutorials, it’s easier than ever to refresh your memory. And crocheted pot holders are just so simple thanks to the fact that they are in fact just granny squares. With cheap and beautifully coloured wool readily available at your local bargain store, whip up a stack of these to give as cute little gifts. If you’ve got the time and motivation, then stitch them all together and voila, you’ll have a gorgeous lap blanket!

Home-made Christmas decorations

Most of us love to go a bit over the top with the decorating when it comes to Christmas decorations so why not tap into that fever with some home-made decs? Artfully arranged and spray painted pine cones, crocheted snowflakes, paper craft pieces, even stitched and sewn toys – they’re going to remember this type of gift forever and will love putting them up each year.

The delicious gift

Take your gift back to traditional times with a baked gift that you’ve made yourself. Think hot mince pies, fruit cakes and loaves, home-made choccies, and other sweet treats. Basically whatever they like to snack on, give them something that you’ll know they’ll love indulging in. Another good idea in the baking area is to put together a home-made cake mix; particularly useful for busy people, all they’ll have to do is add an egg, mix and pop in the oven.

Bottle of something

It’s not too late to turn your hand to some home brewing so to speak. Sure you’re not going to have time to make wine or beer, but there are other things that’ll just hit the deadline. For example there are loads of recipes out there for strawberry gin which involves strawberries, gin and sugar and takes just a week to infuse. Or what about the favourite skittle vodka? There is even enough time to make your own ginger beer! Just remember to invest in some pretty decorative bottles and ribbon to really make the gift look great!

Getting crafty when it comes to your gift giving couldn’t be easier – just have a think about what they’d appreciate and get cracking with your creativity now.

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