Mix it up – favourite tasty treats made new

Mix it up – favourite tasty treats made new

What with the cold and often wild weather, winter is one of the most wonderful times of the year to enjoy some home-made tantalisingly tasty treats. Mouth-wateringly good, they also make your home smell divine and it is true that it is so satisfying hearing all of those compliments about your fantastic baking skills!

It is always nice to shake things up a little though and thanks to celebrity chefs, clever clogs on the internet and magazines, there is a ready supply of clever little ideas that’ll see you making a tried and trusted favourite in a new way. To get you inspired to get baking and whipping up delicious goodies, here are just a few winter baking ideas and tips that’ll have you raring to go in the kitchen.

Coconut rice pudding

The ultimate stodgy breakfast in winter (sorry porridge!), rice pudding is one of those things that you either love or hate. We are fans though and of coconut too so of course we were always going to love this coconut rice pudding recipe! Basically instead of your regular milk, use coconut milk instead for a creamy and delicious coconut flavoured rice pudding. Yum yum!

Coffee mince pies

One of the ultimate Christmas favourites, everybody knows that mince pies and a nice cup of coffee go together so well, so someone clever somewhere has come up with the idea of coffee mince pies. Now there are 2 ways to introduce the coffee into your mince pie and it all depends on how you like to make them. If you’re a traditionalist who loves making their own mincemeat, then as you are soaking the raisins, use 100ml of strong black (slightly cooled coffee) in the mix. And if like us you are a bit more of a throwing things together kind of baker who buys shop-bought mincemeat, then use some Camp coffee essence and stir into the mix. There’ll just be a hint of coffee, perfect for a more grown up type of mince pie.

Peppermint fudge

Another wintry twist on a family favourite (everybody loves fudge right?!), peppermint fudge is refreshing and quickly going to become a top requested home bake. Just like how you would for vanilla or rum fudge, add some drops of peppermint essence for that fresh tingling taste. And if it’s for over the festive period, then as the fudge is setting, crush some red and white peppermint candy canes and scatter over the top – it’ll add that little extra something to the fudge and would even make a great gift!

Cranberry spice scones

Scones are so versatile that you can pretty much throw anything into them whether it’s fruit, cheese or seeds. For a winter makeover we are loving these cranberry spice scones. Using dried cranberries and allspice you can create a scrumptious scone that they won’t have expected! To give it that little something more, soak the cranberries in vodka or rum to give these scones a kick!

Try deviating just a little from the norm when it comes to your home baking – you might just be surprised!

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