How to put on a brilliant buffet

How to put on a brilliant buffet

At some point or other, a lot of us will find ourselves needing to organise and hold a buffet in our homes and it is true that a buffet has to rate as one of the best kinds of ways to feed guests easily. Maybe you’ve got a party on the horizon or hold a do each festive season. Whatever the reason, putting on a brilliant buffet couldn’t be simpler.

If you’ve read any of our other blogs then you’ve probably worked out by now that we are fans of making life as simple as possible and by holding a buffet you’re already onto a work-saving winner really. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie at putting on a buffet, here are some of our no-stress tips.


There’s not much you can do once the buffet has been decimated a bit by the hungry hoard, but setting up make an effort to have it looking sensational. In terms of location, it’s always a good idea to put it somewhere not in everyone’s way – how about in a window. You don’t need chairs cluttering up around it – that’ll just mean the first arrivals will take the spaces meaning later arrivals can’t get into the food.

Do put either a wipe-able or paper throw away table cloth down – there are guaranteed to be spills. And if you’re planning on catering for a lot of people, make things easy and the clean-up effortless with matching napkins, paper plates, cups and recyclable plastic cutlery. With a matching look, it’ll leave the table looking great, especially if you throw in a few table decorations too.


Buffet food can fall into 2 categories – so good you have to try it all or otherwise disappointingly standard. Whilst everyone loves cocktail sausages and sausage rolls, don’t forget to be a bit more creative too. How about some wraps with salads, sauces and a big bowl of chilli beef that people can assemble themselves, veggie options that are clearly marked, even to offering several types of bread (including gluten-free). People are going to love the different flavours and will be able to pick and choose more easily. Just remember to make sure that you like everything on the table since there could well be left overs that you’ll be munching on for the next few days!


You should always make some kind of effort to have a main dish as a centrepiece, and whether you choose sweet or savoury, the world is your oyster so to speak. Maybe it’s going to be a towering masterpiece of gateau. Or perhaps it’s a popcorn machine complete with scoop and cardboard cartons for this retro vibe. For a savoury dish, what about a hock of Serrano ham that guests can carve themselves, or an artfully arranged board of cheese and biscuits? Have a look on Pinterest for incredible looking ideas that’ll have your guests seriously impressed by your culinary skills.

So remember with your buffet spread these simple tips and you’re sure to hold a feast to be remembered.

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